Many mourners bid farewell to seven-year-old cornea donor after death

Many people are moved at a seven-year-old girl with nervous system cancer agreeing to donate her corneas to others in need before she died.

Hai An's classmates attend the funeral (photo: SGGP)

Hai An's classmates attend the funeral (photo: SGGP)

The funeral of Hai An, the name of the girl, was held on February 24 in the funeral home in Hanoi’s Cau Giay District with the participation of many friends and other people.
Hai An was diagnosed with a type of nervous system cancer in September 2017. Despite of medical workers’ efforts to save her, she fell into coma one week ago. When she was still awake, her mother, a medical worker, talked to her daughter about donation of corneas and she agreed.
Accordingly, prior to her death on the afternoon of February 22, the family made a phone call to the Vietnam National Coordinating Center for Human Organ Transplantation expressing her wish to donate her eye components.
Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien sent a bunch of flower with message to the loving girl. In the message, she wrote “ My baby, you have made a fairy tale in the real life. I sent my heartfelt word to you and your family. The gift that you and your family giving to the life is a good example for the health sector and the society. Your corneas will help two people escape blindness. Therefore, your body leaves relatives yet you are still alive in our heart and you can see the beautiful life once again. I’m proud of you. Good bye my little baby.”


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