Medical workers tested negative for HIV

Test results of 19 medical workers being in risk of exposing HIV for saving patient are negative for HIV virus.

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Center in Hanoi August 29 announced that the test results of 19 medical workers showed negative for HIV virus. Before, on July 8 the center has carried out tests for 30 medical workers who are in the risk of exposing to the fatal disease after they performed an emergency surgery on the patient who did not inform to have the disease.

Upon the suggestion of the hospital, the center August 5 continued to take blood of 18 other medical workers for tests and the result is reported negative.

Before, a pregnant woman from the northern province of Quang Ninh July 4 had to rush to the hospital for emergency as she suffered heavy bleeding in the womb and no pressure was measured and heart nearly stopped beating.  Doctors of the hospital carried out intensive treatment and performed a surgery in the examination room to save her.

Due to the urgent situation, the pregnant had not been tested and surgeons have not known the patients contracting HIV, accordingly they did not wear proper devices against HIV transmission.

By Ngoc Minh – translated by Uyen Phuong

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