Medical workers warn abuse of intravenous solutions

People fretted about complex dengue fever development and some of them treat by intravenous solutions and take medication to relieve fever; consequently, they suffer serious complications such as convulsion fits, kidney failure and even death.

Injection of fluids must be under doctor's observation (Photo: SGGP)

Injection of fluids must be under doctor's observation (Photo: SGGP)

As per the Ministry of Health’s statistics, 125,000 infection cases including 29 deaths have been reported nationwide. Worse, September and October are peak seasons of the disease.
Five-day stay in Thanh Nhan Hospital, a woman in Hanoi’s Thanh tri District is still fatigue and have breathing problems as a consequence of complication due to injecting fluids by herself. She said that a week ago, she experienced fever and poor appetite so she asked a nurse to give fluids, saline drip and vitamins intravenously. Yet her conditions got worse.
She was hospitalized and diagnosed to have complication due to abuse of intravenous solutions; as a result she had low blood pressure, fluids in lung; accordingly, it took long time to cure her.
Many sick people are tired of queuing to see doctocs ; they themselves asked medical workers to inject fluids at home. Dr. Tran Quoc Tuan head of Infection department of Dong Da hospital said the hospital provides emergency treatment to many people.
To prevent the outbreaks of dengue during rainy season, the Ministry of Health warned to enhance preventative measures by killing mosquito and its larva and people should not treat themselves at home.


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