MERS-CoV may spread to Vietnam: Health Ministry

Due to the complicated development of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome caused by the Corona virus, known as MERS-CoV, in many countries in the world especially some cases recorded in some Asian nations, Vietnamese Ministry of Health May 22 sent its urgent document to the people's committees nationwide asking to enhance preventive measures against the disease.

As per the document, authorities of cities and provinces having border gates with other countries must tighten medical quarantine in borders gates in order to detect infections, especially those people including Middle East residents, workers who worked in camel-raising farms in the Middle East and now returned home or travelers coming from above regions.

Medical workers must be trained about supervising and treating the disease as well as preventive measures against the disease. All grass-root government and agencies, organizations and class of people must be mobilized to closely liaise with the health sector to carry out synchronous preventive measures if any case of infection is detected in the country.

According to the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO), so far MERS-CoV has spread to 25 countries including 9 nations in the Middle East, 9 in Europe, 3 in Africa, 3 in Asia and 1 in America, affecting 1,119 people and killing at least 423 of them.

South Korea has confirmed its first infection case of MERS-CoV on May 20. He is a 68 year old man working in a camel-raising farm in Bahrain and returned South Korea on May 4. Currently, the health condition of the man is stable after he was treated.

MERS-CoV is a viral respiratory disease that was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and the Corona virus is suspected to originate from camels.

By MINH KHANG- Translated by Uyen Phuong

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