Milk in Vietnam free from melamine or nitrite

The HCM City Department of Food Hygiene and Safety announced on April 15 that it had not found any melamine content in milk in the market.

The department conducted eight random checks of milk samples from five different companies and the results showed that the milk did not contain any nitrite.

Earlier the department had received news that nitrite poisoning from milk had caused deaths of children in Pingliang City in China. According to China News Agency, most of the victims were children under 14 and are now under treatment in two hospitals in Pingliang City.

In related news, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that Japan is implementing strict measures to ensure food safety and protect the health of its people from any risk of contact with radioactivity.

WHO also cautioned against drinking or applying Potassium Iodine liquid, commonly used as an antiseptic, after people rushed to buy tablets in some countries where iodine is restricted by prescription only.

WHO also warned people not to buy Potassium Iodine on their own as Iodine pills are not antidotes for radiation.

By K.Nguyen – Translated by Quoc Thoi

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