Ministry advises people to wash hands to ward off swine flu

To help people working in office buildings and public places feel secure and to contain the spread of swine flu, the Ministry of Health has urged everyone to often wash their hands with soap or disinfectant.

The simple measure has proved effective in several countries, reducing the spread of contagious diseases, especially the A/H1N1 flu, by 40 percent, it said.

People in high-rise apartment buildings should open windows to let sunshine into the house and reduce the use of air-conditioners since the swine flu virus, like most others, survives longer at lower temperatures, it added.

On August 2 a further 68 infections were reported nationwide, taking the number of confirmed cases to 936. But there have been no deaths from the virus so far.

As the country’s tally approaches 1,000, the steering board for the flu prevention ordered the Health Examination and Treatment Management Department and Army Medical Department to prepare for setting up makeshift hospitals, equipment, and drugs to treat a large number of patients.

Meanwhile, Hanoi health authorities have lifted restrictions on people entering the office of Viettel Mobile Telecom Services Company on Giang Van Minh Street after seven infection-free days.

By K, Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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