Ministry gives certificates of merit to General Hospital in Dong Nai Province

A representative from the Ministry of Health December 27 arrived in the General Hospital in the southern province of Dong Nai to grant the certificate of merit to surgeons and staffs who made concerted efforts to save two patients in critical condition.

A labor accident happended to Tran Tat Danh, 34, worker of Vinacafe Company in Bien Hoa city of Dong Nai Province . He was hospitalized with multiple injuries with fractures from his belly. He lost so much blood that doctors could not measure his pulse and blood pressure and his heart sometimes stopped beating.

To save the man, surgeons both conducted operation and gave his transfusion. He is in better condition.

The second patient that doctors of the General Hospital in Dong Nai Province saved from death is a pregnant woman suffering amniotic fluid embolism. Amniotic fluid embolism is a dangerous obstetrical complication with high mortality rate of 90 percent.

Do Thi Dieu Huyen was brought to the hospital on November 16 as her delivery date was approaching. Doctors diagnosed her health condition as stable for a normal delivery.

However, a few hours later, Huyen suddenly suffered breathing failure, fits of convulsions and turned blue. Doctors were also unable to measure her pulse and blood pressure.

Huyen was rushed to the operation room in an attempt to take out the baby as the doctors believed the mother was suffering from amniotic fluid embolism. At that time, Huyen had stopped breathing and her heart stopped. Doctors saved the baby by operating on her womb.

Huyen’s condition now was improved and she recovered.

On the occasion, the Chairman of the People’s Committee in Dong Nai Province  also granted certificates of merit to doctors and staffs of the hospital for achievements in treatment.

In health-related news,  the Food Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health December 27 ordered the Department of Health in the central province of Binh Thuan to investigate poisoning cases in Tuy Phong District. 185 people were sent to hospitals for poisoning in the case.

The department has to verify the cause of the poisoning case to publicize to the public. Along with this, the department must enhance food safety supervision in the province. Medical units should prepare all equipment and personnel to reduce the number of people in a poisoning case in the future.

By Thong Tan, Ngoc Minh , translated by Uyen Phuong

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