Ministry orders to inject all children to prevent re-occurrence of measles

As per the Ministry of Health’s plan to prevent measles in 2015, all children in the immunization age groups must be taken to medical clinics for measles shots.

Medical clinics across the country must re-check whether all children in districts and social sponsoring centers for measles shots. Medical workers must administer vaccine shots for all children who are in the immunization age or those who have not received two shots yet especially children in distant districts and villages nationwide.

Moreover, the Ministry asked medical clinic leaders to closely supervise vaccination procedure to ensure safety for children as well as daily report on disease. Vaccine and equipments must be supplied to local districts under the national mass immunization campaign.

The Ministry said that measles is one of leading causes of deaths among children and vaccination is the only way to prevent the dangerous illness; accordingly parents should take their children to medical clinics for immunization.

Governments need to popularize information of vaccination benefits to parents in order to encourage them to take their children for immunization.

The Ministry targets to eliminate measles in 2015 nationwide, aiming to minimize the cases of infections and deaths. The rate of vaccination must reach 95 percent for children at the age from 1 to 14. Vaccination safety is placed as the top priority.

Since the beginning of the year, measles occurred  in scattered districts mainly in Hanoi and the northern province of Bac Ninh. Last year, the disease re-occurred in provinces with 35,700 infection cases and killed 147 children who have not been injected vaccine or not received enough shots as per routine vaccination.

By Minh Khang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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