Ministry requires to increase border quarantine to prevent disease spreading

To mitigate the introduction of contagious diseases by cross border travelers in the Lunar New Year, the Department of Preventive Health under the Ministry of Health yesterday required to increase supervision to prevent diseases from crossing borders.
Border screening, together with isolation of persons identified with suspected cases of disease and quarantine of their contacts, is implemented to delay or prevent the entry of infected persons to a country/geographic area or to prevent the global spread of a disease from a source country.
The Ministry proposed the Director of the International Health Quarantine Center, the Center for Disease Control and centers for preventive health in cities and provinces to strictly follow medical quarantine regulations as per the law on infectious disease prevention and control regarding the border health quarantine.
Under the law, medical workers in border crossings must enhance medical quarantine on travelers, vehicles and commodities through border gates from countries which have reported infectious disease to early detect and isolate ill people or people carrying virus.
The Ministry also asked medical quarantine force to liaise with related agencies in border gates to supervise smuggled poultry and products of chicken without clear indication of origin through border crossings as well as implement effective preventative measures.
Chinese patients with unidentified pneumonia have similar symptoms as flu patients meanwhile Vietnam enters peak season of flu disease; accordingly, the health sector must keep surveillance on people with flu.
The National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology must direct the flu surveillance and contagious disease system to regularly take samples of suspected cases for testing.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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