Ministry warns against contacting pneumonia-stricken people

The Ministry of Health yesterday warned people of contacting with pneumonia-stricken people and advised them to wear facemask as well as keep a distance when contacting with patients.
As the outbreak of pneumonia has developed complicatedly in Wuhan City in China, Vietnamese Ministry of Health advised people to avoid contacting ill people and wear facemask as a precaution as well as wash their hand with soap meanwhile local administrations must implement preventative measures.
Medical facilities must be ready to admit patients in case that the disease spreads to Vietnam.
Those travelling from Wuhan Province or contacting pneumonia-stricken people within 14 days should go to nearby medical institutions if they experience fever, cough and breathing problem to have timely treatment.
Pneumonialike illness has so far sickened 59 people in the city of Wuhan including one death and caused a panic in the central region of China.
There is no evidence that the new virus is readily spread by humans, which would make it particularly dangerous as no medical workers have contracted the disease.
Test results have shown that 41 people were positive for the new virus Coronavirus including the dead man.

By Minh Khang - Translated by Dan Thuy

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