More DEHP toxic products recalled

The Ho Chi Minh City health authorities have found more DEHP contaminated products on market shelves and are recalling them from across the country.

The Food Safety and Hygiene Department under the Ministry of Health is recalling ‘Possmei’ tapioca pearls, ‘Brand’ calcium and vitamin tablets, ‘Heysong Fruit House’ orange juice, ‘Uni-President’ Pro Sweat sport and asparagus drinks, ‘TaiYen’ collagen powder, Taiwan’s ‘Yes’ water and ‘Bio Chain’ Power-Lac nutrition powder from market shelves.

The Ho Chi Minh City health authorities have also banned three products of Hamico Importers from district Binh Tan and the Gia Thinh Phat Company in district Tan Binh. 

Hamico’s imported vanilla-flavored and straw berry-flavored sweets from the Philippines contained DEHP and are on the banned list in Taiwan.

Health inspectors sealed three shipments of 2,141 containers in the companies’ warehouses. The companies have recalled 100 containers of products from the markets under orders from the health authorities. 

Gia Thinh Phat were ordered to withdraw 318 apple-flavored syrup bottles, 627 grape-flavored syrup bottles and 132 litchi-flavored syrup bottles from 46 shops in the city.

Authorities will continue to investigate other companies involved in the sale of drinks and food additives originating from Taiwan. They also asked importers and distributors of Taiwanese products to report all DEHP contaminated products to the health authorities.

By Quoc Khanh - Translated by Kim Xuyen

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