More HFM cases reported in last one week in Vietnam

The Department of Preventive Medicine announced on September 26 that an additional 2,085 hand-foot-mouth patients have been reported in 45 provinces across the country within the last week, including one fatality.

One three-year-old girl succumbed to the disease in Hanoi, bringing the death toll across the country to one hundred and eleven.

So far, medical workers have not identified the source of transmission to the three-year-old girl, the first fatality case in the capital city of Vietnam.

So far this year the country has reported more than 57,055 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease.

The Department of Education and Training in Hanoi has ordered primary institutes and preschools to adopt preventive measures against the disease on an emergency basis so as to minimize the number of young toddlers being affected.

Teachers and babysitters have been asked to keep an eye on the health of students. Teachers must inform students’ families immediately on seeing any signs of symptoms like fever, non-itchy body rash followed by sores or blisters on palms and soles of little toddlers.

By N. Quoc - Translated by Dang Quang

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