More than 16,000 residents in HCMC bitten by mad animals

Just in the first six months of the year, up to 16,410 residents in Ho Chi Minh City were bitten by mad animals, said Le Xuan Hoa from the municipal Department of Preventive Medicine.

All victims arrived at medical facilities for vaccination against rabies. Most people are bitten by dogs with the rate of 83.4 percent, next are cats with 9.8 percent. People are usually bitten in their legs with 70.2 percent; in hands with 23.8 percent.

Around 7 percent of victims have wide wounds. All are health after vaccination.

As per the warning of the Department of Preventive Medicine, to limit the mortality rate due to being bitten by mad animals, people should not raise dogs and cats and must have them injected periodically. People should not let children play with animals especially when animals are eating.

If anyone is bitten by animals, they must go to nearby medical facilities for vaccination with enough shots as well as keep an eye on the animal later.

By Nhu Ngoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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