More Vietnamese teenagers give birth in early age: UNFPA

The United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA) yesterday warned that  the rate of Vietnamese teenagers giving births was higher than their peers in other Asian coutries.

The warning has just been released at a meeting to discuss teenagers' reproductive health policy and regulations in Hanoi.

UNFPA representatives said that more Vietnamese teenagers gave birth at their ealy age than their Asian peers. According to UNFPA's social study, 46 of 1,000 Vietnamese girls of the age from 15 to 19 give births while the rate in Singapore is 5.2 over 1,000 and it is 17.4 over 1,000 in Myanmar.

More worrisome, it has seen high rate of teenagers giving births in the group of low education women, in the midland and northern mountainous districts and rural regions. Giving births at early age badly influences to mothers and children who are at risk of death.

In addition, studies also showe that child marriage and sex before marriage are reaching alarming level. By statistics of Vietnamese Family Planning Association, the country has around 3,000 abortions performed each year among teenagers.

Accordingly, young participants and representatives from related agencies proposed more synchronous measures to provide reproductive and sex healthcare to teenagers as well as open more places to give consultations on contraceptive method to young people in and out schools

By Staff writer - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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