Nation stays alert for A(H1N1) flu and acute diarrhea

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has stepped up the fight against A(H1N1) flu and acute diarrhea epidemics by asking the whole country to take immediate and rigorous measures against these deadly diseases.

In a message to the appropriate agencies at all levels issued on May 14, the Government leader focused on information campaigns highlighting the symptoms, ways of transmission and preventive measures needed to guard against infections.

“People should be educated to take care of themselves and protect their families and their communities by following basic food hygiene rules. They must make sure that food is clean and well cooked and drink boiled water, to avoid contracting acute diarrhea and other summer diseases,” he stated.

The Government leader asked the Health Ministry to increase the monitoring of A(H1N1) flu and acute diarrhea with the cholera virus round the clock, especially at border gates, in order to detect, quarantine and treat suspected cases in time.

All measures, whatever they are, including ensuring adequate reserves of medicines and medical equipment, should be taken to curb any outbreaks and stop the spread of the epidemics, said the Government leader, adding that he wanted to be regularly updated on any developments in the diseases.

He asked local authorities to increase hygiene inspections, especially at restaurants and food shops, food processing establishments, slaughterhouses, as well as the transportation and marketing of dog meat, cattle and poultry.

The safety of water supplies for everyday life, especially from wells, ponds and lakes was also spotlighted in the Prime Minister’s message.

He called on mass organisations, led by the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the general media to join in with national efforts to combat acute diarrhea and A(H1N1) flu.

The Ministry of Health has reported that several acute cases of diarrhea contaminated with the cholera virus have been discovered in five northern provinces and cities, including the capital city of Hanoi.

The deadly virus has also been detected in dog meat at several slaughterhouses and some samples of other fresh foods.

The acute diarrhea epidemic has continued to spread and is threatening to break out on a large scale.

The A(H1N1) flu, which is still being detected in an increasing number of countries the world over, has raised fears that it will soon reach Vietnam.

Source: VNA

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