Nation to Tackle the Return of Diseases in Cattle and Poultry

Another outbreak of diseases in cattle and poultry may soon hit Viet Nam as flooding and cold weather at the end of this year will facilitate the development of the dangerous viruses, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bui Ba Bong yesterday.

Ducks in a poultry farm

A bird flu outbreak was reported this month in the northern provinces of Cao Bang, Nam Dinh and the central province of Quang Tri where it has killed 2,000 domestic fowls. Meanwhile, the infamous blue ear was found roaming in the northern and southern parts of the country.

The quick spread of blue ear disease and its complex development also caused great concerns among local pig breeders and animal health officials.

Mr. Bong called for the mobilization of all available resources to prevent the potential outbreak. Those in charge of controlling the disease must prevent the spread from infected areas to other areas.

Head of the Kien Giang Province Veterinary Department Dinh Cong Than said local animal health officials are rushing to complete their plan of vaccinating 3.5 million fowls next month. The department has also provided 2,000 liters of antiseptic for local poultry farms, he added.

The illegal activity of smuggling poultry across the border was also put under tighter control in Kien Luong District.

The southern province of Hau Giang also received 1.8 million doses of H5N1 vaccine and it is asking for an addition of 1.2 million doses to vaccinate the local poultry. 

Mekong Delta: unbridled poultry roam free

Despite such efforts, the risk of another epidemic outbreak is still considerably high, especially in Kien Giang province, as local officials do not have enough forces to keep an eye the increasing number of free-roaming fowls and unregistered poultry breeders, Mr. Than added.

According to Head of the Hau Giang Province Veterinary Department Nguyen Hien Trung, the province’s vaccination rate could only reach 60 percent of the target as many poultry breeders did not report the number of their fowls to the local health agencies.

Imported poultry products in HCMC also harbor a great threat to local consumers. Within last week, over 400 live fowls were illegally transported to the city and many of them had not been vaccinated. 

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By Staff Writers – Translated by Khanh Hong

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