Nearly 6,000 children inoculated with vaccine Quinvaxem safely.

After one month, nearly 6,000 children across the country were vaccinated with vaccine Quinvaxem in more than 40 medical clinics, said the Department of Preventive Medicine, a part of the Ministry of Health on April 9.

Through statistics, 3,603 kids have been inoculated in 34 clinics in Hanoi.  Most parents took 2,034 children to the Preventive Medicine Center meanwhile 2,328 kids in Ho Chi Minh City have been immunized in 11 clinics.

Before, on March 9, Deputy Health Minister sent an urgent document to director of municipal and provincial departments of health and leaders of institutes of epidemiology, Pasteur institutes and hospitals asking to implement expanded immunization program in serviced medical clinics to ensure all children to receive enough routine vaccine as  many parents are waiting for serviced vaccines which they thought to be better.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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