No chemicals found in Taiwan products: VFA

The Vietnam Food Safety Administration (VFA) of the Ministry of Health has verified that no imported products, listed on Taiwan’s warning list, which contained carcinogenic chemical DEHP, were being sold in the market.

Some products of Jin Zhuan displayed in Vietnam

Taiwan's Department of Health released its warning list on May 26, in which a toxic industrial material DEHP, found in Taiwan food additive "cloud-agent", commonly used in fruit jelly, yogurt mix powder, juices and other drinks to keep emulsions well dispersed, was in use in certain consumer products.

DEHP intake for a long period could cause cancer and have a harmful impact on the reproductive system.

VFA was able to gather information via the internet three days before the official release of the warning by Taiwan. The administration immediately swung into action to stop imported beverages and additives from Taiwan.

VFA confirmed that until May 28 no products from Taiwan’s warning list of bottled drinks, ‘cloud-agent’ additives or the blacklisted Jin Zhuan were selling in the Vietnamese market. Timely action by VFA helped protect consumers’ health.

Source: VietnamPlus - Translated by Nha Tran

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