One baby girl dies after Quinvaxem vaccination

The Department of Health yesterday convened a meeting comprising of scientists and vaccine experts to verify the cause of death of the two year old baby girl in Thuong Tin District in Hanoi after vaccinating the –five-in-one Quinvaxem vaccine.

Before on May 5, two year old Ta Thu Hien in Nguyen Trai Commune in Thuong Tin District was taken to commune center for vaccination. After examining the baby girl’s health condition, doctors injected her the five-in-one Quinvaxem vaccine. The baby girl was kept 30 minutes after immunization and then went home because she had no abnormality.

However, at 2:30 PM on the same day, she had high fever and cough; so her parents rushed her to the General Hospital for emergency. After examination, she was discharged from the hospital. Yet until 8 PM on the same day, the baby girl experienced breathing problem; hence she was hospitalized again.

She was diagnosed to have pneumonia and breathing problem. The hospital decided to transfer her to Saint Paul Hospital yet unfortunately she died.

According to the initial investigation, she suffered anaphylactic shock after vaccination.

By MINH KHANG – translated by Anh Quan

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