One more people dies of methanol-tainted alcohol

Hanoi-based Bach Mai’s Poison Center yesterday said that one more people died of methanol-tainted alcohol.

Within two weeks, the hospital received  27 people who were poisoned by drinking alcohol with high content of methanol, including three deaths.

Latest patient was 58 year old man in Hai Ba Trung district who was hospitalized in coma; accordingly, medical workers provided intensive treatment. Yet because the man was severely poisoned with the content of methanol in blood up to 150 mg/dL, he was still in coma and his brain was damaged. His family insisted to bring him home for preparation of funeral ceremony.

His relatives said that a few days ago, he complained of fatigue and refused to eat yet he did not want to go to see doctor. Until March 13 when he fell in coma, he was taken to the hospital. His relative said that the drunkard often has alcohol in nearby eatery in Truong Chinh - Giai Phong.

In related news, yesterday, the General Hospital in the central province of Ha Tinh said that it has admitted a woman who fell into coma caused by methanol-tainted alcohol poisoning. The patient is a 55 year old woman in Binh Loc Commune in Loc Ha District. Soon, she was treated by a method combining hemodialysis and hemoperfusion. After three day treatment, she was still in coma and brain damage. 

Her relative said that she has been addicted to alcohol for two years. She had been poisoned and fell in coma for one day before being taken to the hospital.

Dr. Nguyen Ba Trong of the hospital’s poison center said that the center admits 7-8 victims of methanol-tainted alcohol every month.

By staff writers –translated by Uyen Phuong

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