Over 100 patients receive bone marrow transplant

So far 16 patients have received a stem cell transplant (sometimes called a bone marrow transplant) conducted by surgeons of Ho Chi Minh City-based Cho Ray Hospital, the hospital announced yesterday at its ceremony to mark two year implementation of the transplant.

According to hospital’s director - Professor Nguyen Truong Son, a stem cell transplant technique is used in different specialities in the world. In Vietnam, 100 patients got bone marrow transplants; however, the cases of transplants have not meet enough the increasing demand, yet. In fact, Cho Ray Hospital receives 100 multi-tumor people and 200 lymphoma patients every year.

Most of patients had been treated by popular therapies including chemotherapy and radiation before coming to the hospital. Yet, the success rate of these therapies only reaches 60-70 percent after 5 years meanwhile the success rate of stem cell transplant can be up to 80-90 percent. 

By Tuong Lam – translated by Uyen Phuong

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