Over 1,300 kilogram durian soaked with dubious chemical buried

The Environmental Crime Prevention Police (PC49) in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak yesterday destroyed more than 1,300 kilogram of durian fruits soaked in dubious chemical.
Before, on September 6, police officers from PC49 raided two businesses Sang Huong and Minh Tam in Krong Pak District, founding workers of the two facilities soaking and spraying dubious chemicals to accelerate ripeness of fruits.
In Sang Huong business facility police officers also discovered 24 additional chemical bottles which bears the brand “Trai Chin” (Ripened Fruit) and 686 kilogram chemical soaked durian.
In Minh Tam facility many chemical bottles with various brands were detected; accordingly police seized all chemical and 727 kilogram durian.
According to the applicable laws, police in Dak Lak decided to issue a fine of VND 30 million (US$1,334) for each facility.

By CONG HOAN – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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