Over 60 medical workers disciplined due to improper behaviors to patients

Through the Ministry of Health’s hot line, management boards of hospitals punished 60 medical workers for their improper behaviors to patients in ten months of 2015, said the Ministry.

In 10 months of the year, the Ministry received 12,197 calls through hot line 1900-9095. Of these calls, nearly 1,700 calls were to reflect dilapidated facilities of hospitals; 1,295 calls reflected doctors’ skills and 695 calls were to complain hospital charges and formalities of treatment with insurance cards.

Over 558 calls were to complain medical workers’ negative behaviors to patients and 200 calls of them talked about corruption.

Based on the calls, the Ministry of Health urged hospital management to handle medical workers with improper behaviors.

Accordingly, since the beginning of the year, the sector has thrown books at 2.095 medical workers who badly behaved patients who called to the hot line to complain. 63 medical workers had to write a letter acknowledging their wrongdoings and 62 other medical workers did not receive bonus for Tet holidays.

Along with penalties issued to those medical workers, the sector also lauded 80 other medical workers who devoted to their careers and took good care of patients.

By Nguyen Quoc – translated by Anh Quan

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