Paper plates, glasses contaminated with lead and arsenic

Following widespread concern about paper plates and glasses being contaminated with lead and arsenic substances, the Vietnam Food Administration under the Ministry of Health did a random test of such products from Hom, Dong Xuan and Nguyen Cao Markets in Hanoi.

Local-made and two Chinese-made paper products are contaminated with lead and arsenic

Test results of six samples, including four local-made and two Chinese-made products showed four were contaminated with lead and three of them with arsenic.

Long-term exposure to arsenic, mainly through drinking of contaminated water, eating of food prepared with this water, and eating food with arsenic-laced water, can lead to chronic poisoning. Skin lesions and skin cancer are the most characteristic effects. In addition to skin cancer, long-term exposure to arsenic may also cause cancers of the bladder and lungs.

In other health related news, the Ministry of Health has asked chairpersons of municipal and provincial people’s committees and departments of health to enhance supervision of the ‘pink-eye’ disease, as a large population nationwide has contracted the disease.

Health workers have been asked to provide timely treatment and implement preventative measures in preschools, educational facilities, factories and community. Hospitals should prepare full medication for treatment and the health authorities have issued strict prohibition on price increase of necessary drugs.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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