Patients with bizarre skin disease have high liver enzyme

Head of Dermatology unit in the general Hospital in the central province of QUang Ngai Dr. Le Thi Bich Lien said that the health condition two patients with bizarre skin disease has become worse with high liver enzyme.

46 year old Dinh Van Nguyen and 21 year old Dinh Van Hoa in Son Ba Commune in the mountainous district Son Ha had the strange skin disease. They were rushed to the hospital; however, after four day treatment, their health condition did not abate; their liver enzyme increased five-fold higher than normal people.

Worse, while blood cell increase and coagulation function disorder hence medical workers had to give them blood transfusion. Additionally, their other organs are damaged.

Medical experts from the Quy Hoa Central Dermatology Hospital in Binh Dinh Province yesterday arrived in Quang Ngai to work with local health sector aiming to provide medical check-up to the locals.

Medical workers advised people to eat safe rice instead of their traditional rice, eat nutritional supplements, vitamins and keep personal hygiene to improve their health condition.

After a hiatus of about three years, the mysterious skin disease has re-occurred in the central Quang Ngai Province’s Son Ha District, with 12 new patients. In the end of 2014, the disease killed 25 people.

By Nguyen Dac Thanh – translated by Uyen Phuong

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