Pink eye outbreak reported in North Vietnam

Since early February, 2017, there have been increased cases of pink eye disease in the North Vietnam, said the National Eye Hospital.

The hospital said that more people with pink eye disease have arrived in the hospital for examination and treatment since early February. The hospital admits 150-200 pink eye patients each day and most of them are kids and adults with weak resistance.

Medical workers said the disease usually breaks out in September and October annually but it unpredictably occurred in early this year.

Patients are most residents in Hanoi and its neighboring provinces.

Dr. Hoang Minh Anh from the National Eye Hospital said that the virus causing the disease has been spreading widely in the air in the present weather; hence many people who catch the disease have spread it to others through respiratory droplets,  saliva and shaking hands.

To prevent the wide spreading, medical workers warned people with the disease not to contact with others and stay at homes. Once experiencing serious illness, they should go to nearby medical facilities for treatment without buying drugs of their own choice because there are many eye drops in the market containing corticoid which can reduce eye sight without doctors’ guideline.

By Q. Lap – translated by Uyen Phuong

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