PM orders to reduce overloaded hospitals

The Prime Minister has just issued his instruction on adopting measures against the overloading in big hospitals including building more satellite medical clinics.

The instruction clearly said that one of causes of overloading in major hospitals is that not many medical institutions partake satellite hospital project. Additionally, several satellite hospitals has been well-equipped but lack of good physicians to be able to join in technique transferring program from big hospitals. 

Subsequently, the PM asked the Ministry of Health and related agencies and departments to open more satellite hospitals in order to effectively reduce pressure in big hospitals. The Ministry must instruct hospitals to send good doctors to satellite hospitals to provide treatment and examination.

On the other hand, the Ministry and related agencies should not distinguish state or private hospital when converting them into satellite hospitals. Along with this, it needs to call for investment from all sectors to build more private hospitals to cooperate with public medical facilities.

Big hospital managers  must adopt preferential policies for good physicians who were sent to satellite hospitals especially medical institutions  in disadvantaged districts. Good doctors will take turn to work in satellite hospitals.

By Lam Nguyen - Translated by Anh Quan

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