Scientific council established to search flight attendant’s death cause

A scientific council will be set up to find out the cause of death of flight attendant Duong Chau Toan, 28, in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Phu District, said mangers of Thong Nhat Hospital at a press conference on February 25 on the death of the flight attendant.

Professor and Doctor Nguyen Duc Cong, director of the infirmary, said that Toan was taken to the hospital on January 18 for a check-up after he fell off his motorbike and his left knee hit the ground. The MRI result found that he suffered from an anterior cruciate ligament tear, and Toan requested to have a ligament rebuilding surgery at the hospital.

The operation was performed later the same day after which the patient was sent to the post-surgery room. After two hours, he was injected with a 15mg dosage of Mobic painkiller. However, at 4:45 am the following day, he started to develop convulsions, slow heart action and hypotension. He was immediately admitted to intensive care, and soon lost his consciousness even after his blood pressure and heart action returned to normal rates.

Unfortunately, experts diagnosed that the patient eventually fell into a coma and his heart stopped beating. Despite doctors’ efforts to treat him, his brain was injured and blood pressure decreased gradually. The family then asked to take him home, where he died on February 13.

Dr. Cong said that the cause of the death is not verified. Maybe the man had heart disease yet scan before had not detected any abnormalities. Dr. Cong said that the hospital assumed responsibility for the incident and managing board will convene a meeting to draw on the experience.

Dr. Cong admitted the hospital has not really understood the cause of the death; therefore the case is considered a failure of the hospital.

Accordingly, a scientific council will be established to find out the real cause of the death, said Dr. Cong. He expected the Ministry of Health to send more leading experts together find out the cause.  The hospital will send its report of the death to the Department of Treatment Management before March 4.

By Tuong Lam - Translated by Anh Quan

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