Song Tu Tay infirmary doctors succeed in carrying out difficult delivery

Doctor and nurse of Song Tu Tay Island’s medical station was successful in carrying out to a difficult deliver of expectant mother Pham Thi Bich Luyen, said Captain – Doctor Nguyen Van Phuc cum chief of the infirmary, on April 9.

Expectant mother Pham Thi Bich Luyen, 23, was sent to Song Tu Tay Island’s medical station at 1AM as she began laboring. She gave birth to a healthy 3 kg baby girl at 8:5 AM.

Doctor Phuc and Doctor Son and nurses at the medical station kept examination for the pregnant mother continuously.

Phuc  said that this is difficult delivery as the mother gets bronchial asthma and the child was born prematurely while the Island is lack of medical equipment for delivery.

Doan Duy Kiet, farther of the baby girl, named her “Doan Phuc Vi Sa” which combines the name of Dr. Phuc and Truong Sa archipelago.

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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