Stuck in ferry jam, man dies on way to hospital

A 21 year old man died on the way to hospital for emergency because he was stuck in ferry jam, yesterday.
D.H.Nhat is being treated in Phuc An Khang Hospital (Photo: SGGP)
Director of Phuc An Khang Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City Dr. Mai tien Dung, said the hospital yesterday admitted a man who had traffic accident yet he died when being rushed to the hospital. Patient Sang in Nhon Trach District in Dong Nai was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment by a warden. He had multi-injuries after the accident.

Sang’s friend, D.H.Nhat, 21, is being treated in the hospital with injuries in chest, climbs and face. Nhat said while he and Sang were driving to a company in Nhon Trach Industrial Park where they are employees, their motorbikes collided with other vehicles going in the opposite direction.

The collision caused the two men to hit on the road. L.M.Sang had serious injuries and he was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment by police officer. However, they were stuck in a jam at Cat Lai ferry. Due to long time waiting, Sang died before being treated by doctors.

By Tuong Lam - translated by Uyen Phuong

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