Swine flu A/H1N1 closely observed in Tu Du Hospital

The Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) People’s Committee announced on June 6 that Deputy Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Thu has asked the HCMC Department of Health to continuously monitor the status of swine flu outbreak in Tu Du Maternity Hospital.

Swine flu A/H1N1 closely observed in Tu Du Hospital

This observation is to minimize the cross infection among patients as well as healthcare workers in the hospital. The task of timely treating infected people to control this outbreak should be prioritized.

Everything must be done to avoid more infection into the community.

Simultaneously, the HCMC Department of Health is cooperating with relevant bodies and the People’s Committee of all districts to carry out the task of preventing similar outbreaks of swine flu types A (H1N1), (H7N9), (H5N1) and other respiratory diseases.

The HCMC Department of Information and Communications collaborate with the Department of Health to direct state media offices to promote knowledge on how people protect themselves from epidemic diseases in general and swine flu in particular.

All delivered information must be precise in order not to make residents panic.

The HCMC Department of Finance must have a clear plan to supply budget for the task of preventing epidemic disease so that the Department of Health can more actively and effectively implement this important task in the city.

By QUOC HUNG – Translated by Thanh Tam

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