Thousands of emergency cases hospitalized from alcohol poison during Tet

The Ministry of Health February 13 announced that over 2,200 cases of emergency cases of alcohol poison have been hospitalized during Tet holidays across the country.

There were 230 cases of alcohol intoxication - related emergency cases and one death during the fourth and fifth days of the lunar year.

Dr. Ngo Duc Ngo from Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi said that during Tet holidays, the hospital received 5 patients averagely a day and most of them suffered digestive bleeding and oesophagus veins because they drank too much; many of them drank fake wine made with Methanol.

Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung also from Bach Mai hospital said that people hardly distinguish between drunkenness or alcohol intoxication because the symptoms are the same. When they suffer alcohol poison for long time, they soon fall into unconsciousness, having convulsion fits and low blood pressure and then they may die. In case that they were saved, they would suffer psychiatric sequelae.

In addition to cases of alcohol intoxication, during Tet holidays, hospitals across the country reported that over 3,400 people were taken to hospitals because of injuries after fighting including 10 deaths.

By Nguyen Quoc – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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