Tropical disease hospital confirms pregnant woman died of H1N1

The A/H1N1 Influenza has claimed the life of another pregnant woman, taking the number of deaths related to the pandemic to six since the beginning of the year.
The Tropical Disease Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City July 18 announced family of a pregnant woman suffering serious A/H1N1 asked to take her home for burial preparation as her illness did not abate.
35-year-old pregnant woman hailing from the Mekong delta province of Dong Thap is 32 weeks pregnant. She was transferred from a local infirmary when she was suffering breathing problem and high fever.
Her relatives said that earlier, in the middle of June, the pregnant woman had high fever and cough; her illness was still worse though she was undergoing treatment in several commune clinics.
She was transferred to the large hospital in HCMC on June 17 in worse condition. X-ray result showed damage in the lungs and test result showed she was positive for A/H1N1 virus.
The pregnant woman was putting on ventilator and under intensive care yet her ailment has not alleviated. Subsequently, the hospital called for help of Tu Du Maternity in perform a C-section to save baby who weighed 1.6 kilogram.
The mother was undergoing intensive care. However, after three week stay in the hospital, her sickness got worse. Her family decided to take her home where she died later.

By THANH AN – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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