Two Chinese passengers with Wuhan pneumonia entering Vietnam isolated

The health sector in the Central City of Da Nang isolated two Chinese nationals showing signs of fever at Da Nang International Airport after screening their temperature. The pair may have been infected with China’s pneumonia virus.

Two Chinese passengers with Wuhan pneumonia  entering Vietnam isolated

The information was released at a yesterday conference by a representative from the Department of Preventive Medicine.
Following the complicated development of Wuhan pneumonia, the Steering Committee for disease prevention and fighting under the Ministry of Health convened the urgent conference to discuss preventative measures against the disease.
Thermometers for body temperature measurements in the Airport signaled two Chinese nationals to have fever on January 14, said the representative of the Department of Preventive Medicine.
Quarantine force in the Airport soon isolated and closely monitored them.
Moreover, health workers have drawn up a list of those suspected of having had physical contact with them. Blood samples of the two people were sent to the Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang City for testing.
A representative from the Ministry of Health said that though there has been no record of China’s pneumonia case in Vietnam so far, the risk of disease spread is huge because of growing traveling between the two countries.
Accordingly, the Ministry will set up inspection teams to border crossings with China in January and February as well as preparation for the disease.
The Ministry advised people to wear medical mask as well as avoid contacting with ill people.
Those returning from Wuhan City or contacting with pneumonia patients should go to nearby hospitals if they experience fever, cough, and breathing problem.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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