Two more drink batches of URC suspended due to high lead content

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Nhien, deputy chief inspector of the Ministry of Health, two more beverage batches produced by URC Hanoi Company Limited have been ordered suspension of sale on May 24 due to high lead content.
The suspended products comprise of one batch of lemon tea titled C2 produced on January 11, 2016 and one batch of strawberry energy drink named Rong Do (Red Dragon) produced on January 14, 2016.

The company has ordered its distributors to stop the circulation of these products and report the amount of sold products and inventory which belong to these two aforesaid drink batches by May 25.

Up to now, five batches of C2 and Rong Do drinks have been ordered to withdraw from circulation due to excessive lead content. Last week, health inspectors stopped the circulation of one batch of lemon tea C2 manufactured on February 2 and two batches of energy drink Rong Do (Red Dragon) produced on November 10 and February 19.

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By Quoc Lap – Translated by Thuy Doan

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