Viet Nam Continues to Grapple With Cholera

Raw vegetables, duck’s blood, dog meat, and shrimp paste are the foods most likely to spread cholera in Viet Nam, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned.

In a further warning, the CDC experts told Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga, head of the Preventative Health Department, Thursday that the virulent vibrio cholera virus had mutated into more adaptable strains.

Following the acute diarrhea outbreaks across the country, they said local administrations should concentrate on cholera so that people would understand the dangers posed by the disease.

The virulent cholera virus could reside in the human body for up to six months, they said.

Also on Thursday, Deputy Health Minister Trinh Quan Huan went to Hai Duong Province in the north to inspect the preventive measures being undertaken against cholera there.

Outbreaks can occur sporadically in any part of the world where water supply, sanitation, food safety, and hygiene are inadequate.

WHO says cholera spreads because of unhygienic food and water and poor personal sanitation. But it is not necessary to quarantine travelers or prevent them from traveling.

It has no information that food commercially imported from affected countries has been implicated in outbreaks of cholera in importing countries.

According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, around 70 victims in 10 provinces and cities across the country were hospitalized as of April 17.

A total of 1,871 people have suffered from acute diarrhea and 326 tested positive for the vibrio cholera virus.

Source: SSGP-Translated by Uyen Phuong

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