Viet Nam Gets Down to Basics With Medical Information System

According to an assessment by the Health Metrics Network (HMN), Viet Nam has successfully developed the basic framework for health information system that will enable the collection of precise medical data for statistical purposes.

The assessment was delivered at a seminar on medical information system reform in Ha Noi on March 8th with representatives from Viet Nam, China, Cambodia, Laos, Philippine and Mongolia in attendance.

At the seminar, participants discussed the various difficulties that they had encountered in the development of information systems in their respective countries.

They were, however, unanimous in their belief that standardized health collection systems, data storage and human resources are priorities for all of them.

HMN is a global partnership working to improve the health and lives of people by strengthening and aligning health information systems in developing nations. It has provided financial support to 65 countries so that these countries are able to assess their health information systems.

Source: VNA - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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