Viet Nam on High Alert of Another Bird Flu Outbreak

Many foreign scientists have warned that the risk of another bird flu outbreak is still on high alert and Viet Nam, especially the Mekong Delta, should have more drastic measures to stop the epidemic from reoccurring.

Chickens in a poultry farm

It is forecast that colder weather in Viet Nam during the next five months will bring more risk to the country as low temperature provides more favorable conditions for the development of the dangerous H5N1 virus.

The Mekong Delta is one of the high-risk areas where local officials have neither paid proper attention to the implementation of epidemic preventive work nor controlled the increasing number of poultry in the area.

In the southern province of Kien Giang, illegal poultry sale, slaughter and transportation are getting out of hand. Meanwhile, more than 12,000 chickens have recently been transported to the other southern province of Bac Lieu but many of them were suspected not having been vaccinated.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has urged all relevant officials to have tighter control over local poultry farms and closer inspection on hygiene conditions at registered poultry sales.

Local farmers have also been encouraged to take part in the preventive work and report any case of bird flu to relevant officials and agencies.

In related news, the animal health officials have officially announced another outbreak of bird flu in the northern province of Cao Bang after hundreds of chickens and ducks were killed by the disease.

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By Staff Writers – Translated by Khanh Hong

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