Viet Nam’s Medical Progress: Successful Removal of Dust from Lungs

The Mine-Laborer’s Health Clinic treated coffee worker Pham Ngoc Hiep, 31, from the highland province of Lam Dong, with a Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) after recent health problems had been linked to the inhalation of coffee-dust that accumulated in his lungs. 

Coal miners suffer from the inhalation and accumulation of dust in their lungs

This is one of 550 similar cases that the clinic has treated over the past two years, the majority of which were from coal miners.

This is a remarkable progress for Viet Nam’s medical branch and there have been no recorded complications since the operation, said a health care worker.

The doctors of the clinic were sent to hospitals abroad to learn about the new treatment method, said Dr. Vu Thi Hoa. It then took a further year to fulfill the necessary research requirements for the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Hoa added that the clinic will treat coal workers and those working in a variety of different careers who may be suffering from the inhalation and accumulation of dust in the lungs.

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By QP - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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