Vietnam may have most cases of cancer in world by 2020: expert

Do Ngoc Chinh from the Center for Study and Consultation on Consumerism (CESCON) warned that Vietnam may become a nation with most cases of cancer in the world by 2020.

As the cases of cancer in Vietnam have continued escalating in recent years; for instance in 2000, around 69,000 cases of fresh cancer yet the number increased to 150,000 in 2015. it is estimated that by 2020 the Southeast Asian nation will have nearly 200,000 cases of cancer making it becomes a nation with most cases of cancer in the world.

Cancer experts said that the cases of fresh cancer leaped because of unsafe food, polluted environment and prolonged life-span. For these reasons, the number of cancer patients due to eating unsafe food is highest with 35 percent, next is smoking and hereditary factor accounting for 5-10 percent.

The Fund to support cancer people and Tumor Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City announced that the country has around 12,000 fresh cases of breast cancer annually. Doctor Diep Bao Tuan advised people to treat cancer in its early stage.

By Gia Phu - Translated by Anh Quan

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