Vietnamese PM urges whole nation to prevent dengue fever

As dengue fever is surging in 50 cities and provinces across the country, the Prime Minister sent a letter to Ministry of Health, provincial and municipal people's committees, social organizations...  on the disease prevention.

In the letter, the PM ordered municipal and provincial people's committees to guide its sub-divisions and related agencies to increase popularizing information of the disease amongst residents and encourage people to kill mosquitoes and its larvae in their houses and neighborhood with traditional ways and with chemicals.

Especially local governments must pay attention to construction sites, residential areas where there is no clean water and people are living in poor hygiene conditions, the PM wrote. The PM asked people to go to a nearby medical clinics for treatment soon when they experience symptoms of the disease.

Mr. Dung also asked the departments of health to closely monitor the development of the disease to early detect infection cases and provide treatment, aiming to prevent the disease outbreak.  Chairpersons of municipal and provincial people's committees must be determined in dengue fever prevention mission and they will be responsiblefor the task within their jurisdiction.

The PM ordered the Ministry of Health to issue guidelines and set up inspection teams to supervise the prevention mission in localities as well as treatment for the disease. The health sector must train medial staffs in diagnosis of the disease, prepare enough medication and equipments to provide timely treatment to patients so as to limit the mortality rate.

The Ministry of Education and Training must call for the contribution of teaching staffs and students in movements to kill mosquitoes and its larvae at homes. The Ministry of Finance must ensure enough money for the disease prevention task. The media must publish full information of the disease.

By PHAN THAO - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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