Vietnamese surgeons successfully carry out simultaneous liver kidney transplant

Viet Duc Hospital ( Vietnam –German Hospital) in Hanoi announced that its doctors have carried out two special transplants including a simultaneous liver kidney transplant and a combined lung transplants and heart surgery.
The first operation was conducted on a Laotian man who presented with decompensated cirrhosis with four-stage chronic kidney disease and he had diabetes and high blood pressure.
A 19-year old deceased donor with normal liver and kidney function agreed to donate his organs; accordingly, physicians decided to perform a simultaneous liver kidney transplant.
Hospital Director Professor Tran Binh Giang said that it is the first time that Vietnamese surgeons have performed a simultaneous liver kidney transplant plus non-stop blood filtering.
After 12 hours, nearly 100 medical workers finished the operation, the first of its kind.
Three days later, the Laotian man recovered.
The second case was that surgeons carried out double lung transplant and open heart operation on a 30 – year-old woman. Professor Giang said the surgery was very complicated because surgeons had to perform double lung transplant and heart surgery simultaneously.
Twelve hours after the operation, the female patient could breathe with her new lung. Success in lung transplant brings more opportunities for Vietnamese patients.

By NGUYEN QUOC - Translated by DAN THUY

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