Vietnamese surgeons remove big brain tumor to save patient

Xuyen A hospital today announced its surgeons have removed a big tumor from a 61 year old woman hailing from the southern province of Tay Ninh

Vietnamese surgeons remove big brain tumor to save patient

Before, the patient was rushed in the hospital when she experienced serious headache and paralyzed on her left side of the body. The disease pulled her down.
Her relatives said that the woman suffered headache and paralyze in the left side for two months yet the relatives thought she was suffering diseases of old people; she just took medicine at home to ease the pain.
However, lately, her headache worsened causing her to be fatigue, eating problem. She was not of sound mind anymore. Consequently, the relatives rushed her the hospital where doctors diagnosed her to have giant tumor in brain.
She was advised to undergo an operation soon because the big tumor obstructed brain cells even she may die of the tumor.
After five hour operation, surgeons have succeeded in removing the tumor.

Ten days later, the woman was in stable condition and she was discharged from the hospital.

By THANH AN - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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