VNese people with heart diseases upward trend

One or two out of every four Vietnamese adults are at the risk of having heart diseases, said Chairman of the Vietnam Heart Association Professor Nguyen Lan Viet at the national convention on October 10 in Hanoi.

As per the Vietnam Heart Institute’s study, the number of people suffering from heart disease is on the upward trend. Worse, in 2000, the country had around 16.3 percent adults having high blood pressure yet in 2009, the rate of adults with high blood pressure leaped to 24.5 percent and this year, it is 46 percent, an alarming level.

Professor Viet warned that the death toll due to heart diseases in developed countries has been on a downward trend meanwhile it has growing in developing nations including the Southeast Asian nation. Furthermore, consequences of heart disease are burden not only for patients but also for the society.

By Quoc Lap – translated by Anh Quan

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