WHO rejects information of Quinvaxem vaccine clinical trial on VNese kids

Dr. Kohei Toda, an expert from the World Health Organization’s Expanded Program on Immunization, has rejected the information released on social networks that WHO is carrying out the trial of the South Korean-made vaccine Quinvaxem on Vietnamese kids.

Dr. Kohei Toda said that since 2006, the made-in-Korea Quinvaxem vaccine quality has been tested and approved to sell in the market. So far, the vaccine has been used in 94 nations in the globe with 449 million dozes having injected to children. 

In the Southeast Asian countries, the vaccine is being immunized for kids in different countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. In Vietnam, 24.9 million dozes have been used since 2010. Accordingly, WHO did not use Vietnamese kids to serve as test subjects.

Dr. Kohei Toda said that WHO has recorded serious post-vaccination incidents in Vietnam. The rate of children dying after vaccination this year has remained the same compared to previous years. He stressed that the rate of vaccine –related deaths in the Southeast Asian nation is 4.5 over one million dozes which is still lower than WHO’s statistic of 1-20 deaths over one million dozes.

Fretting about post-vaccination incidents of Quinvaxem vaccine in the National Expanded Immunization Program in Vietnam, the WHO expert yesterday asserted that the vaccine is necessary to prevent diseases as Quinvaxem quality is good and its price is reasonable.

By MINH KHANG – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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