Workers of Hansoll Vina Company re-hospitalized

After 739 workers of the Hansoll Vina Company in Song Than I Industrial Park in Binh Duong Province were rushed to hospital for food poisoning on September 27, 14 of them were re-hospitalized after they fell unconscious the next day.  

The workers of the Hansoll Vina Company were hospitalized when they showed symptoms of food poisoning soon after finishing their afternoon meal.

Many of the workers began vomiting, and complained of headache, belly ache and dizziness, and many even passed out.

They were rushed to Hospital No. 4 of the 4th Corps at Tu Duc General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, and at a private clinic in Binh Duong Province by about 6pm on September 27.

After treatment, they were all discharged from the hospital; but one day later 14 workers were re-hospitalized as they fell unconscious while working in the factory.
The provincial Labor Federation and the Food Safety and Hygiene sub-department have taken samples of the food consumed by the victims for investigating the cause of the contamination.

The provincial Department of Health said that although there was no report of death, workers’ health has been seriously affected, especially as 10 of the women were pregnant. Until now, health authorities have not been able to verify the cause of the food poisoning.

Hansoll Vina Company is an apparel and textile manufacturer in Binh Duong Province with a workforce of about 5,000 workers.

On the same day, knights of a club for fighting criminals discovered a consignment of 100 kilograms of rotten meat for supply to kitchens in My Phuoc Industrial Park in Thuan An District of Binh Duong Province.

Driver Le Huu Thien could not present certificates of origin or of food safety and hygiene. He confessed that the rotten meat consignment was for supply to a caterer who provides lunches to tens of thousands of workers in My Phuoc Industrial Park. 

Authorities have confiscated the entire rotten meat consignment for destroying.

By TTX - Translated by Nha Tran

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