April 8


La Vie Ouvrière magazine published an article by Nguyen Ai Quoc (an alias of Ho Chi Minh) titled “Losers in Indochina” which condemned French imperialists’ policies to exploit and oppress colonies to recoup their losses in the First World War.

The file photo shows French colonialists forcing Vietnamese to join the French Foreign Legion during their invasion in Vietnam.

In a tongue-in-cheek article, he criticized the French colonialists’ claims of the “favors” they did to people in colonies.

“Victory on the Marne River had stopped the German attackers from heading for the Mekong River to propagate their savage capitalism and imperialism. If they had not prevented the German attackers, we would have lost the freedom to be drunk on liquor and the right to be poisoned by drugs.”


President Ho Chi Minh attended a Government Council meeting held to discuss a French plot to trespass and holding talks with them for protecting Vietnamese living in Laos and their properties.

This day fell on the 10th day of the third lunar month when Viet Nam celebrates the Hung Kings’ anniversary. Upon receiving an invitation to take part in the anniversary in Phu Tho Province, President Ho Chi Minh sent his Minister of Internal Affairs Huynh Thuc Khang to offer incense and a Vietnamese map to the [country’s legendary] founders.


President Ho Chi Minh sent a congratulatory cable to the second Asia-Africa Conference being held in Bandung, Indonesia. In it, he said: “Imperialism and colonialism have gradually lost out because national liberation movements are springing up. Being a great force, Asian and African peoples will resolutely defeat imperialists and colonialists’ plots, achieve independence, and contribute to world peace.”


Speaking at the eight session of the Party’s third central commission, the President reminded delegates that the Party must focus on children’s education, internal unity, and fighting diseases.

Referring to the policy of collectivizing agriculture, the President said: “It is better to increase the number of collectives but they need to ensure quality. Agricultural collectives must be ready to rectify mistakes and their work ethic must be good.  Socialist agricultural collectives must be better, agreements must be written down, and workers must be rewarded appropriately.”


Nhân  Dân (People) newspaper published an article titled “American soldiers’ psychology” by Ho chi Minh under the pseudonym Chiến Sĩ (Soldier). It quoted an American soldier’s letter expressing disappointment and alarm at being forced to fight in Viet Nam.

In conclusion the article wrote: “This is one more evidence to show that the US will surely loss and we will surely win.”

Translated by Viet Trung

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