August 1

French newspaper La Paria published three of Nguyen Ai Quoc’s articles.

President Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap (third and fifth from left, standing) pose with their American friends, including Thomas Allison, head of the OSS Deer Team (fourth from left, standing). — File Photo

The first, “Special hobby,” denounced Vietnamese King Khai Dinh’s luxurious life and odd personality.
The second, “Civilization kills people,” was written after the death of a South Vietnam Railway worker.
He wrote “While views of Indochina’s artificial prosperity are exhibited at Marseille, many people are starving to death in An Nam. Here loyalty is praised, and over there people are killed.”
The third one, “An Nam’s women and France’s domination,” narrated a case in which French soldiers raped and killed a Vietnamese girl and two women.
The article said, “Colonialism itself is a violent action of the strong against the weak. It is a base action when it is used against children and women.”  
Nguyen Ai Quoc published the first issue of “Independent Vietnam,” aiming to publish the Viet Minh (Viet Nam Independence League) Front’s policies.
He wrote an appeal to “advise the people to buy ‘Independent Vietnam’”
Independent Vietnam published a poem, “Light a fire.” He likened a revolutionary career to lighting a fire, so that one day, “Revolutionary fire will be very bright and light independence and freedom’s flag.”
At Tan Trao base, Vietnam-America Company, a mixed armed unit of 200 Viet Minh soldiers and OSS’ (Office Strategic Services) Deer Team, was in a training to use new weapons and fight against Japanese fascists.
President Ho Chi Minh called for a preparation for a counter-attack.
He said, “In emulation to love the country, [you] need to show clearly the spirit of being diligent, thrifty and honest. The present slogan for the emulation is “All for win. Defeat colonialists, ignorance, starvation and our all evil habits.”
He expressed condolences about the death of Ho Tung Mau, one of the founders of the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) and a member of the ICP's Central Committee.
It said, “Losing you, the people lose a devoted leader. The government loses an experienced official. Organization loses a faithful comrade, and I lose a very close brother.
“I promise with you that all your coworkers and comrades will try to follow your example of revolutionary moral, which is being faithful to the country and devoted to the people.”
On the way home from his visit to the Soviet Union, when flying over Mount Tianshan in China he composed a poem in Chinese: 
Xa trong canh dep nui Thien San
(Viewing beautiful sights of Mount Tianshan )

Rang do vay quanh, tuyet trang ngan
(Red clouds over and white snow covering the mountain)

Sang day mat troi nhu lua tia
(The sun like crimson fire in the morning)

Muon hao quang do chieu nhan gian
(A halo shining over the world)
Receiving Ha Huy Giap, deputy minister of culture, to discuss publication of a book, “Good person, good work,” President Ho Chi Minh said, “Training people is a strategic issue, the “Good person, good work” movement is an important measure of the strategy to train good people.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Hoang Yen

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