August 16

The National Congress convened at a temple in Tan Trao, with the attendance of 60 delegates from various classes and areas nationwide. At the congress, the National Liberation Committee was established, with Ho Chi Minh being elected head of the committee.

A painting of the National Congress, which convened at a temple in Tan Trao and was presided over by Ho Chi Minh on August 16, 1945.

After Japan surrendered on August 15, Ho Chi Minh wrote to Lieutenant John of the Office of Strategic Services.
The letter said, “The National Liberation Committee, under the Viet Minh Front [Vietnam Independence League’s Front], wants the US Government to inform the United Nations that we were on the UN’s side to fight against Japan. Now, Japan surrenders. We would like to ask the UN to implement its solemn promise that all nations can enjoy democracy and independence. If the UN doesn’t keep the promise and act to let Indochina gain complete independence, we will be determined to fight till we gain independence completely.”
He issued an appeal on the occasion of the August Revolution and Independence Day.
He said, “The People’s patriotism and solidarity are a very great force which can’t be defeated. Thanks to this force, our ancestors defeated Nguyen’s and Minh’s troops and protected the nation’s liberty; we conducted revolution successfully and gained independence; our resistance strength gets stronger and stronger; our troops and people have made up their mind to suffer difficulties and misery to defeat the enemy; we defeat the enemy continuously; and we drove French colonists from our country and achieved independence.”
He wrote to the Vietnamese People’s Conference on protecting peace held in Hanoi.
The letter said, “The peace movement has to be inherent in the national liberation movement. Keeping peace is the people’s duty. Every Vietnamese must be a solider who fights ardently for peace.”
Nhan Dan (People) newspaper published his interview given to French journalist Philippe Devilers.
He said, “The US Government has to immediately stop its air attacks on the Democratic Republic of Vietnam’s territory, end the war and withdraw from South Vietnam. It’s peace in honor, otherwise there is no way.”

By Duong Trung Quoc and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Yen Chuong

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