August 17

French detectives reported that “A Plot in Indochina “was written by Nguyen Ai Quoc. The article was later published in a famous collection titled “Le Procès de la Colonisation Française” (Sentence for French Colonists).

The article denounced crimes that colonialists committed to suppress [local people] and govern them easily.
It said: “We, An Nam people from everywhere, are determined to expose the unfairness and unreasonableness to the French people. We hope that the French people will sympathize with our misery and fight for justice.”
After the National Congress in Tan Trao concluded with the establishment of the National Liberation Committee, President Ho Chi Minh, in the name of the committee’s head, took an oath: “We are elected members of the National Liberation Committee to lead our people’s revolution. In front of the fatherland’s holy flag, we are determined to lead people to progress, fight the enemy, and gain independence for the fatherland. Even if we have to sacrifice the last drop of blood, we will not give way. Swear!”

President Ho Chi Minh (front, center) with delegates at the National Congress in Tan Trao in 1945

In a letter to the Vietnamese Youth Conference, he said: “The youth are the country’s future masters. Indeed, it depends mostly on the youths whether the country is wealthy or decadent, strong or weak. If the youths want to be fit masters in future, right now they have to train their spirit and forces, and prepare for the future.
“If you have a will, you will have a way. I’d like to tell you one more thing: don’t make programs and plans that sound great but can’t be implemented. All tasks have to be doable. [If we] can say, [we] should be able to do. Every task has to be done -- small or big, easy or difficult, important or not.”
“A small program that is implemented fully is better than a hundred big programs that can’t be implemented. This is the experience of a streetwise friend. Hope you will try your best and succeed.”
Talking to trainees at a Central Political Party class about writing methods, he said: “Writing is like other tasks, [you] have to have a will, don’t try to hide your ignorance, and make progress by self-criticism and criticism. If you are determined, you can do it, however difficult the task.”

By Duong Trung Quoc and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Anh

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